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More Power To You

Vac-Con® Delivers More Power and More Value than the Competition

All Vac-Con® combination machines, Xcavators™, industrial machines, and jetters deliver more power to you®. Each product line gives you the capacities and features you need for your specific job, and all Vac-Con®’s are built with:

Ease of Operation – We design every sewer cleaning, hydro-excavating, and industrial machine with ease of operation in mind by integrating important extras including: Inspector Cam® portable video system, Hi-Dump capability, wireless remote, and electro-magnet outrigger leg.

Safety – We PowerUp performance without compromising safety by ensuring the industry’s best safety features are all included as standard equipment. With Vac-Con®, you don’t have to pay extra for the safety features you want and need.

Performance – We pack a punch that delivers More Power to You® by keeping performance at its peak with power-conscious features like our 3-stage centrifugal compressor, 27″ Corten® steel fans, 2-engine design, and Hydrostatic Blower drive.

Durability – We ensure Vac-Con® sewer cleaning machines resist wear and tear by only using the highest quality materials. Our high power and high efficiency hydro-excavation machines make even the toughest excavating jobs easy and safe. Designed to power through all kinds of difficult terrain including frozen or unfrozen ground, Vac-Con® Xcavators™ deliver more power to you®.