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  • Vacuum system (as specified by model number)
  • Cyclone separator
  • Hydrostatic blower drive
  • Front loading 10’ (3.05m) telescopic boom with pendant control station
  • 270° rotating boom
  • 8” (203.2mm) vacuum intake hose
  • Aluminum diamond plate storage boxes and cabinets
  • Cross linked polyethylene water capacities: 800 (3,028.3 Liters), 1100 (4,164 Liters), and 1300 Gallons (4,921 Liters) with Ten (10) year warranty
  • Automatic vacuum breaker shut off
  • 20 GPM (75.71LPM) / 4000 PSI (275.79 bar) water system - hydraulically driven
  • 100’ (30.48m) retractable high-pressure hose reel, high pressure digging wand
  • Reinforced 3/16” Corten® steel debris body with Five (5) year warranty
  • 5” butterfly valve with 10’ (3.05m) layflat hose
  • Debris tank dumping: minimum 50°, hydraulic scissors lift – power up/power down
  • Low pressure hand gun with quick connect at pump with 25’ (7.62m) of 1/2” (12.7mm) hose
  • Full opening rear door/ hydraulic door locks/ hydraulic door grabber
  • Boom tie down with front mounted joystick for ease of operation
  • Passenger side controls
  • Passenger control panel cabinet aluminum diamond plate (35” x 14” x 24”) (.89m x .36m x .61m)
  • Water pump and hose reel cabinet/passenger side aluminum diamond plate (51”x20”x30”) (1.3m x .51m x .76m)
  • Storage box behind cab aluminum diamond plate (16”x42”x96”) (.41m x1.07m x 2.44m)
  • Single axle units: drivers side storage cabinet aluminum diamond plate (51”x24”x24”) (1.3m x .61m x .61m)
  • Tandem axle units: drivers side storage cabinet aluminum diamond plate (51”x44”x24”) (1.3m x .61m x .61m)
  • Tandem axle units with 180” CT: storage box behind cab aluminum diamond plate (16”x42”x48”) (.41m x1.07m x 1.22m)
  • 2 joystick controls 1-passenger side control panels, 1-front bumper
  • Emergency shut off
  • Reflective striping – side, rear, and chevrons
  • 20.5’ aluminum intake pipe (1-3’,1-5’,1-6’, and 1-6.5’ nozzle)
  • ICC lighting
  • Polyurethane paint
  • One (1) year standard warranty- see certificate for details
  • 5# Fire Extinguisher
  • Set of Triangles


  • Hydrostatic variable displacement piston pump driven by chassis engine
  • Hydrostatic fixed displacement piston motor
  • Hydraulically driven heat exchanger fan
  • 110°-190° F operation ranges at 90° F ambient temperature
  • Torsional soft coupling
  • Multi-stage hydraulic filtration system
  • Independent control of vacuum and water systems


  • 2 or 3 stage vacuum compressor (fan)
    • Five (5) year warranty
  • Optional PD blower with multiple rating up to 28” Hg and 6,000 CFM
  • Automatic vacuum breaker shut-off and filtration


  • System automatically stops air-flow to prevent over-filling and/or spillage during transport
  • Can be manually controlled from front operator station, wired pendant or with available wireless remote
  • Filtration Cyclone separator
    • Dual port separation with dual stainless steel micro screens
    • Centrifugal separator with easy access inspection door


  • Systems up to 4,000 PSI (275.79 bar) and 20 GPM (75.71 LPM) with smooth continuous flow and pressure
  • Available winter recirculation
  • Available air-purge system
  • Cross-linked polyethylene water tanks
    • Ten (10) year warranty