Vac-Con Trucks

  • Dual Engine Combination Machines

    Only Vac-Con® combines the flexibility of a two-engine design to get the toughest jobs done right. Our efficient design, allowing the chassis engine to drive either the 3-stage fan or positive displacement blower vacuum system, actually saves you fuel and general wear and tear in the long run. Using a standard hydrostatic drive, this design can engage the industry’s most powerful vacuum. Offering a wide array of options, this is truly a “go anywhere, do anything” machine.

  • Single Engine Combination Machines

    Vac•Con® uses the simplicity of a hydrostatic drive to power both the vacuum and water systems with a single engine. Both systems can be independently operated for multiple applications, while allowing for maximum efficiency.
    The unique designed offered by Vac•Con offers the best value without sacrificing performance, power or ease of operation.

  • X-Cavator

    The X-Cavator enables you to locate and safely excavate around delicate utilities without damaging them. There is no application too tough for the X- Cavator. Design yours with specific, powerful options to handle crucial excavation jobs such as trenching, potholing, daylighting, exposing underground utilities, water & sewer repairs, highway & street repairs, propane & gas tank remediation, long distance & congested area excavation, and oil & gas distribution lines.

  • XX-Cavator

    Vac-Con’s XX-Cavator is simply a beast on any project, but is forgiving and kind to the one operating and maintaining it. Able to withstand extreme climates and temperatures, the XX-Cavator is a constant worker. Special insulation and recirculation features insure freedom from lock ups and with the measured fuel savings of 50 liters per day, the cost of doing the job goes down, while productivity goes up. Efficient engineering enables it to produce very low noise levels, while at the same time allowing for low RPM and high vacuum. The flexibility you need, with the power to stay up and running.

  • Industrial Vacuum Loader

    Innovative technology and superior airflow efficiency come standard on Vac•Con industrial Vacuum Loaders. Simple to operate and maintain, our single mode machines can recover wet or dry material with up to 28” Hg. Equipped to handle the toughest jobs, these machines are right at home in the harshest environments.

    With options such as the exclusive Automatic Material Return System and Hi- Dump, the world class performance brought by Vac•Con saves you money, time, and effort.

  • Hot Shot Jet Rodder

    The Vac•Con Hot Shot high-pressure water jet machine is both versatile and powerful. A superior high-pressure flushing action gives the added power needed to clear stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge, and other stagnant debris from sanitary sewer and/or storm drain lines.

    Like all tough Vac•Con machines, the Hot Shot is equipped with a non- corroding polyethylene water tank and all controls centrally located at the operator station.